Terms & Conditions


For the purpose of this document, David Rowe shall be referred to as DJR. The visitor to the site who orders an image shall be referred to as the Client.


1.     In this agreement the term picture or image includes photography, design, artwork, painting, print, digital image file or any other item offered for sale on the web site. No Picture or image may be used for reproduction without prior written consent (see 6. Below); the term reproduction includes any form of publication or copying of the picture, either in part or whole and whether altered or not.


2.     No variation of the terms and conditions set out here will take effect unless agreed in writing by both parties. In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, these terms and conditions will apply.


3.     Picture(s) are supplied to the Client as an end user and no property or copyright in the picture passes to the Client either on delivery of the picture(s) or upon the grant by DJR of the right to reproduce any picture.


4.     The Invoice describes and lists the pictures(s) ordered by the Client and the associated cost. The picture(s) are presumed to have been received in good condition unless the Client notifies DJR in writing of any discrepancy or error within 14 days of receipt.


5.     Payment must be made with the order. DJR accepts Paypal or cheque and will process the order upon receipt of cleared funds.


6.     Permission to reproduce will only be given upon written agreement and the payment of the appropriate fee. The permission will only apply to the reproduction described in the invoice or licence.


7.     The right to reproduce a picture granted by DJR is exclusive to the Client and may not be assigned to any third party without DJR's written consent.


8.     The Client may not alter, manipulate or add to any picture, either manually or with computer software without DJR's written consent.


9.     Whilst DJR has taken reasonable care to correctly identify and describe the pictures he does not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred by the Client or any third party caused by any errors or omissions.


10.  The Client will fully indemnify DJR against any unauthorised reproduction of a picture submitted to the Client made by any third party as a result of or arising out of any breach by the Client of any of these Terms and Conditions (including, but not limited to the Client allowing a picture or a copy thereof to come into the possession of a third party without DJR's prior written consent)

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